Michigan Offers 2016 QB Messiah deWeaver

There is one position that every coaching staff would like to have wrapped up as early as possible in a recruiting class, and that\’s the quarterback position.

Quarterback\’s tend to be the leaders of the class and help recruit the other big time prospects unlike anyone else. And it looks like Michigan may have their 2016 quarterback spot wrapped up very quickly.

The Wolverines have extended an offer to Ohio\’s top quarterback, Messiah deWeaver out of Trotwood-Madison, and it looks like they are in the drivers seat for his commitment.

Just received an offer from the University of Michigan #GoBlue #Blessed

— Messiah deWeaver (@Siah_10) June 18, 2014

deWeaver is a tall, strong armed signal caller that can make plays with both his arm and feet, if need be. However, he is much more of a dime throwing pocket passer than some may think. And he showed off that skill once again while camping and visiting Ann Arbor for the Michigan football camp.

With Michigan sitting pretty with at least two of their top choices (KJ Costello and deWeaver), it is possible that it becomes a \”first come, first serve\” situation. Costello was rumored to have almost pulled the trigger when in Ann Arbor this week and deWeaver is rumored to be extremely high on the Wolverines.

We\’ll see who makes the decision first out of these two, but don\’t forget summer visitor Shea Patterson.