Abdur-Rahkman and Dawkins Lead Michigan to 20th Win of 2016

Michigan 72 – Northwestern 63

Michigan came into Wednesday’s game needing a win, a win that the Wolverines pulled off.  It was not a pretty game from the beginning, but Beilein and Co. did what needed to be done in the second half to pull away from the pesky Wildcats.

The first half was a ugly one to watch for the Wolverines.  Their defense was shotty at best, and they were just dominated in the paint by Alex Olah.  Olah, who lead the Wildcats in points (19), along with rebounds (6), played out of his mind.  Olah seemed to hit everything in the first half, with the Wolverines having not much of an answer for him.  Michigan struggled to stay with the Wildcats in the first half, falling behind by many possessions at a time.  Thankfully, a late push in the first half the Wolverines were able to close out the half, only down by one.

The second half started out much of the same way for the Wolverines.  About the twelve minute mark, the Wolverines started to turn things around.  It started with Dawkins coming off the bench hitting three major threes. It continued with Muhammad-Ali Adbur-Rahkman’s huge second half, leading to a team high in points with 19.  Down the stretch, Rahkman and Dawkins were huge for the Wolverines, Dawkins had 11 points, all coming in the second half and 7 rebounds.  These two were essential in the win.  Towards the end Michigan pulled away but the game was much closer than the score.

Overall, this was a much needed win for the Wolverines.  Even though it was a much needed win, this was a very shaky win for the Wolverines.  The Wolverines were rusty out of the gate, a problem they have stuggled with all year, they also were beat in the post like they have been all year. It was nice to see someone other than Walton Jr. lead the team in rebounds for the first time, in what seems like forever though.  The Wolverines are going to need to play better in these last games to make the tournament though.  They kept their hopes alive tonight and are in control of their own destiny down the stretch.

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Photo Credit: Carlos Osorio/AP Photo