Michigan Man! (Walk-On Edition): WR Bo Dever

Today Illinois WR Bo Dever, son of former defensive lineman Dave Dever has committed to the University of Michigan\’s class of 2012. But this is different, he is not a scholarship player, he has accepted a walk-on role.

This is huge because the kid can play, he is a perfect fit for a pro-style offense slot receiver, no more 5\’6\’\’ 130lb slot receivers getting murdered over the middle. Bo is 6\’2\’\’ 190lbs, and is a prototypical slot receiver, he seperates and finds space, and has great hands. Dever said that this was a dream of his to play at Michigan, so as soon as they offered him to walk-on to the team, he could not turn it down.

Oh and another thing, his name, Bo, is from none other than Michigans legendary coach, Bo Schembechler, that has to count for something.

Bo Dever Video Highlights