MGoFish Staff CFB Playoff Prediction: Week 6

After a wild 2014-15 season, the college football playoff looked to be the newest hit thing in sports. Though I am a believer in an 8-game playoff, there are (for the time being) only four teams that move on to the playoffs to get a chance at the National Championship.

So, who will it be?

2015 has already been a wild year and looks to get even crazier in the remaining weeks. So, we here at MGoFish will put together our weekly predictions for the college football playoff starting now, in week 6.

Here is what our crystal balls are predicting:

 FishEmmitt MattBrandon
1. Baylor TCU TCU TCU
2. Clemson Ohio State LSU Ohio State
3. AlabamaClemson Clemson Utah
4. Ohio State Utah Utah Clemson

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