MGoFish Staff 2016 Michigan Football Season Predictions

The 2016 Michigan football season kicks off on Saturday but predictions have been thrown out there for months now. That’s included the likes of Desmond Howard and Bruce Feldman predicting Michigan to win the Big Ten while the likes of Paul Finebaum and several others believing the Wolverines are overhyped. But the real question is, what does the staff at MGoFish think?

Well, here you go. Check out the full 2016 Michigan football season predictions from the contributing members of the internet’s best free Michigan recruiting website:

Emmitt Jenkins: 12-2

  • Loss at Iowa
  • B1G champs
  • Lose to Clemson in the CFB Playoffs

This 2016 Wolverine team will be able to compete with every team in the country. With the quarterback position in question, it’s possible that they stumble once or twice. I think Michigan drops a game they’re favored in but rebounds to win the Big Ten championship game and make the college football playoff before bowing out to Clemson.

Evan Paputa: 12-1

  • Loss at OSU
  • Beat Washington in the Rose Bowl

Michigan’s season will come down to three games: at Michigan State, at Iowa, and at Ohio State. Wisconsin and Rutgers will give the Wolverines good games, but Michigan will come out victorious in both. As for the three games, Michigan will defeat Michigan State and Iowa, but lose to Ohio State. Michigan then defeats Washington in the Rose Bowl to finish the season 12-1.

Brandon Whitaker: 13-1

  • Undefeated regular season
  • B1G champs
  • Lose to Alabama in the CFB Playoffs

I’d hate to sound like a homer, but I see Michigan running the table into the CFB Playoff. The Ohio State game will be a close one, but with the unsure backup and not knowing if J.T Barrett can stay healthy; Michigan has a great shot with a healthy Bryan Mone holding down the line. I believe the first loss will come at the hands of Alabama in the playoff. Not knowing if they play them in the semis or the National Championship, I can only see Michigan losing to Alabama.

Stephen Osentoski: 12-2

  • Loss at Iowa
  • B1G champs
  • Lose to Oklahoma in the CFB playoffs
In my bold predictions, I said that Michigan would go undefeated in the regular season. I think they drop one game, at Iowa. I think they’ll win every other game. MSU game will not be close. I’m predicting another close game against Wisconsin, and then a tough match against OSU. They will have to play Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship and beat them again to sneak into the playoff in the #4 spot.
I think it’s a playoff capable team, but not quite national championship caliber. They’re just missing a bit on the OL for me to believe the run game will be something special. I sure hope I’m wrong. Regardless, I think they’ll have a fantastic season and beat both rivals, which would be a nice change of pace.

 David Arnold: 12-1

  • Loss at OSU
  • Beat Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl
Is Michigan a national title contender this year?  Absolutely. Does Michigan have more upperclass NFL talent than anyone else in the Big Ten? Without a doubt. Will Michigan hit double-digit wins for the second year in a row?  More likely than not. Can Michigan beat Ohio State in Columbus, for the first time since 2000?  I’m not holding my breath.
Torn between dreaming about the pot of gold at the end of a delicious undefeated season, and trying not to be too disappointed when Michigan invariably loses one or, brace yourselves, two of their extremely difficult away games.
Jim Harbaugh has a ton of experienced talent on both sides of the ball, plus an extremely talented and athletic true freshmen class that will see multiple significant contributors from game one. Hope for health at the QB and Offensive Line positions, because ultimately success at those spots will decide at least one or two close games.  I’m not saying an undefeated season is impossible, but this team will end up needing a few lucky breaks in Iowa City, East Lansing, and Columbus to make the dream a reality.
Undefeated or not, isn’t it great to be seriously contemplating such success? No matter what, Jim Harbaugh is building a great foundation. Long live Coach Harbaugh.

 Bill Getschman: 12-1

  • Loss at OSU
  • Beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl

I never like being hyped up in the preseason, but Michigan very well deserves it. Even though the quarterback is still to be determined, mostly everything is in place and has been worked out. The wide receiving/tight end corps is one of the best in the Big Ten, making the new quarterback’s job that much easier, regardless of who it is. The offensive line is seasoned, but only in varying degrees, and the best returner, Mason Cole, is starting at a new position on the line; those three games to begin the season will be perfect for them to learn about their roles before Big Ten play begins. But no matter what, Michigan will live and die by their defense.

With what is probably is the best line in the country and a mad scientist leading the charge, the expectations for Michigan’s defense are the highest they have been since Lloyd Carr was still coaching. Even though the linebackers are still an area of concern, they’re playing between the aforementioned tremendous line and a bull doggish secondary, which will have opponents in fits in their own right.

Steven Moore: 12-2

      • Loss at Iowa
      • B1G champs
      • Lose to Oklahoma in the CFB playoffs
The only thing holding Michigan back from a 12-0 season is the fact that in a span of 29 days, Michigan will have to travel to East Lansing (W), Iowa City (L), and Columbus (W).  I do think that Michigan has the potential to win all 3 games and contend for a National Championship but the depth of the team is scary.  In certain positions, like the O-Line, Michigan just is not quite deep enough yet.  Michigan is on their way to being a perennial contender again though.

Harrison Rahajason: 10-3

        • Losses at MSU and OSU
        • Lose to LSU in the BWW Bowl

Growing pains. There will be wicked growing pains. Harbaugh’s 49ers improved in year 2, but I don’t think his Wolverines will. The B1G is suddenly good again, and without an excellent QB, it’s tough to see things getting much better in such a hurry.

Lots of guys are going to have to step up. Key guys at key positions, like Mike McCray (aka Michigan’s Keyser Soze….is he even really real?), David Dawson or Grant Newsome, whose potential emergence might help ease the pressure for some of the young guys to get out there and start early. It’s also going to depend on health. Without consistently healthy starters, this team will be in trouble very fast.

I see another 10 win team, with close losses to MSU and OSU and another trip to the BWWGB where they’ll lose to LSU.

I don’t think this will be a bad team, I just don’t think they’ll be as good as everyone expects. So, yeah, the 2016 Wolverines may be a bit overrated at this point. Stable QB play,  improved OL corps and the emergence of some young members of the secondary and receiving corps could make for a much more successful 2017 season, however.

So, what is your 2016 Michigan football season prediction? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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