MGoFilm Analysis 4.3: Breaking Down Key Reviews vs. Indiana

Photo Credit: Bryan Fuller/MGoBlog

The final part of my analysis this week will show a rare bright spot for the referees in the game against Indiana: Reviews.

There were 3 main reviews I looked at from this game:

  1. Simmie Cobbs long reception on the sideline
    • Called incomplete since he didn’t establish himself in-bounds before making the catch.
  2. Philyor 8 yard TD reception that he almost fumbled in the endzone
    • Called a TD – ball came out just after crossing the goalline.
  3. Simmie Cobbs recovers onside kick out of bounds
    • Michigan’s ball since Cobbs was bobbling until already out of bounds.

I feel that the referees got all of the calls correct after review. Despite being flag-happy and Michigan ending up at the wrong end of the onslaught of bad calls, the referees at least did this well.

The only reviewed play I didn’t analyze was the targeting call that got reversed. I think it was a debatable call, but with how seemingly random some of the targeting calls we see across the NCAA are these days, I decided to let that one slide.

In addition to analyzing the reviewed plays, I added a couple sections to go over penalties that you viewers pointed out either as ones that I missed altogether or ones where I was possibly incorrect in my analysis. I made the proper adjustments and updated the penalty totals as a result.

Check out the video below to take a look at these 3 sections:

Penalty Totals:


  • Correct – 4
  • Questionable – 1
  • Bad – 0
  • Missed – 10


  • Correct – 11
  • Questionable – 3
  • Bad – 4
  • Missed – 1

The 10 missed calls against Indiana is staggering. The summary of the referees penalties this game can be summarized to this: Indiana was only called for 1/3 of the penalties they actually committed while Michigan was called for 7 penalties more than what they should have been.

All we can do is thank our lucky stars that it’s not the same officiating crew in Happy Valley this weekend.


What did you think of the game film analysis? Tells us what you think and if you have any other parts of the games this season that you’d like to see analyzed and broken down. We’re all ears in the comment section below! 

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Stephen Osentoski