MGoFilm Analysis 4.1: Breaking Down Penalties on Indiana

Photo Credit: Bryan Fuller/MGoBlog

Michigan had plenty of chances to put away the game against Indiana last Saturday. A lacking pass game inhibited them, sure, but the referees sure didn’t help. I went over the game a couple times trying to decide what I wanted to analyze this week, the main thing constantly standing out was the penalties.

So, I decided to do a two-parter this week, looking first at penalties against Indiana, and then the onslaught of penalties called against Michigan. I tried my best to be objective in my analysis on this topic since some penalties surely are debatable. I went through every called penalty as well as any plays in which there were clear penalties that the referees missed against the team.

Check out the video below to see the final tallies for Indiana. The sheer number of missed penalties was pretty astounding:

The main area in which I was frustrated was with the lack of defensive pass interference calls against IU. There were several plays in which the refs simply missed some very obvious interference calls. The one they did call on the interception was one that debatably shouldn’t have been called.

Inconsistency also bothered me. On a screen play early in the game, the refs correctly called a block below the waist against IU. Later in the game, another screen, another block at knee-level, but no flag to be seen. McCray came up limping after the play and was lucky to not be injured.

Unfortunately, it somehow only gets worse when you look at the Michigan side of things. Look for that post in the next few days.

What did you think of the game film analysis? Tells us what you think and if you have any other parts of the games this season that you’d like to see analyzed and broken down. We’re all ears in the comment section below! 

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Stephen Osentoski