MGoFilm Analysis 2018 – Episode 9.1 – Offensive Chunk Plays vs Penn State

Michigan had an efficient day on the offensive side of the ball against Penn State. Patterson put up a great day, going 11/17 for 144 yards and a pair of TD throws. He chipped in 42 yards on the ground, picking up a few critical conversions with some key zone read decisions. Karan Higdon continues to be one of the most underrated running backs in college football, putting up 132 yards at 6.6 a carry and a score.

Overall, it was a delight and rarely was this game in doubt. The offense continually wears down the opposition, asserting themselves throughout the game until the opponent finally says “uncle” by the 4th quarter, if not sooner.

In the latest MGoFilm episode, I break down that grinding offense and 12 of the biggest offensive chunk plays from Michigan’s 42-7 win over Penn State:

Photo Credit: Eric Upchurch/MGoBlog

Stephen Osentoski