MGoFilm Analysis 2018 – Episode 7.1 – Offensive Success vs. Wisconsin

When Michigan got rolling, they really got rolling. They put up 320 rushing yards on Wisconsin. 320 rushing yards against Wisconsin doesn’t happen often, but Michigan debuted a healthy dose of QB runs to exploit the aggressiveness of the Badgers.

Michigan ran the ball so well they only had 4(!!!) passing yards the entire second half while they were running and blowing out the Badgers at home. It was a masterful performance from the OL, Higdon, and entire coaching staff.

In this episode, I take a look at the plays on offense that contributed to this winning effort for the Wolverines. I’ll cover the new run concepts and the successful plays through the air that kept Michigan’s play-calling balanced (at least in the first half).

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Photo Credit: Bryan Fuller/MGoBlog

Stephen Osentoski