MGoFilm Analysis 2018 – Episode 10.1 – Defensive Shortcomings vs Rutgers

Well, this wasn’t really expected but Rutgers gained the most yards of any Michigan opponent in the 2018 season. Rutgers! To put that in context, Rutgers gained 82% of the total yards MSU gained against Michigan in a single play. That single play was the longest play from scrimmage (80 yards) for Rutgers since they joined the Big Ten in 2014.

So, what happened? It was a combination of a couple rough plays from Devin Gil & Brad Hawkins and clever play-design from the Scarlet Knights. In other words, the play-design lined up well with the plays that Michigan performed poorly on. Luckily, this is Rutgers and things like that don’t really matter. Hopefully, it adds some wrinkles that Don Brown will be ready for in the coming games.

Check out my breakdown and analysis of the six plays that saw Michigan’s defense struggle a bit against Rutgers:

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Photo Credit: Patrick Barron/MGoBlog

Stephen Osentoski