MGoFilm Analysis 2.3: Breaking Down Run Offense vs Purdue

The third and final part of episode 2 of the MGoFilm Analysis series focuses on run plays against Purdue. Michigan had a tough time running against Purdue for the most part, only gaining 139 yards on 44 attempts (3.2 yd/att). I took a look at a good number of sweeps and runs that didn’t work out, as well as analyzed two Michigan rushing TDs to get a better understanding of who’s doing well and who needs to improve.

Two main takeaways from putting together episode 2.3:

  1. It only takes one person to miss their assignment, and Michigan rarely executed flawlessly all-around.

This isn’t really news, but it takes everyone successfully carrying out their assignments for a run play to go well. The problem is that Michigan is still wildly inconsistent on the OL. Whether it be blocking the correct assignment or carrying out the block through the entire play, Michigan often did one or multiple things wrong, which immediately throws out any possibility of a successful play.

2. Miscommunication is a BIG issue.

The stunts and blitzes Purdue dialed up gave Michigan a lot more trouble than it likely should. Miscommunication on the OL can result in a lot of negative plays, and it was the main culprit in why Michigan saw plenty of them in the run game.

Check out the full video for episode 2.3 here:

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Photo Credit: Patrick Barron/MGoBlog

Stephen Osentoski