MGoFilm Analysis 2.2: Breaking Down Sacks & Missed Pass Plays vs Purdue

Part 2 of episode 2 of the MGoFilm Analysis series focuses on the pass plays that didn’t work out well. Whether it be sacks, incompletions, or an interception, Michigan struggled in multiple facets in the passing game at times against Purdue. Before Michigan, Purdue entered the game with 1 sack on the season. By the end of the game, Purdue had 5 sacks.

Needless to say…that is not great.

A couple things that really stood out in a lot of these:

  • The QB really wasn’t given much time. Whether it was Speight or O’Korn, pressure was almost immediate, and almost none of these were “coverage sacks”.
  • RBs in particular had a rough time this game. Both identifying who they needed to block and blocking them consistently were main issues in half of these.

Moving forward, O’Korn could be the better option at QB for his mobility in the pocket alone. Speight has been known to hold up in the pocket, but this OL forces the QB to escape the pocket and to do so quickly. Regardless of who’s back there, the OL and RBs in particular absolutely need to do a better job if Michigan wants to beat better teams.

Check out the full 2.2 video here:

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Photo Credit: Patrick Barron/MGoBlog

Stephen Osentoski