Malzone Interview Part One: Brother Rice OC Coach Popp

There are plenty of breakdowns and reports on 2015 Michigan quarterback commit Alex Malzone. Most of them are from analysts who have only seen his highlight film or seen him at a camp or two. It is a small sampling for anyone to really judge a player, especially a quarterback. That is why we went to the people who know the Brother Rice signal caller best: offensive coordinator/QB guru Coach Richard Popp and Alex himself.

In the first part of our two part interview, we quickly spoke with one of the most respected coaches and best QB tutors in Michigan, Coach Popp:

@MGoFish: What sets Alex apart from other quarterbacks you have coached or trained?

Coach Popp: He\’s one of most intelligent high school football players I\’ve ever known. He has a tremendous feel for the game as it unfolds. He\’s able to utilize audibles to put his team in a better position to have success. He\’s also one of the most dedicated, hard working players I know. More than all of the physical attributes he possess, he\’s a fearless leader

@MGoFish: Is there one moment when you said \”this kid\’s got it\” in terms of Alex? And if so, what was it?

Coach Popp: He came in the game as a sophomore against St Marys. No warm up time, cold. He threw a perfect stroke to Brian Walker down the sideline for a 42 yard TD. At that moment I knew he had everything it took to play as a champion at the next level.  He\’s always at the ready to make good things happen for his team.

@MGoFish: What can Michigan fans expect from Alex during his career? 

Coach Popp: He\’s a poised, mature leader who will make those around him better. He\’s a fiery competitor who demands as much from his teammates as he does himself. They can expect success and great wins as Alex progresses through his career.

@MGoFish: Michigan is also recruiting Grant Perry for 2015. What kind of player and person would Michigan be getting if he ends up in Ann Arbor?

Coach Popp: Grant is a talented, tireless worker. He\’s a tremendous athlete who makes plays. He is a great kid, team captain, who has a great grasp on the fact that it takes a team to win and he must do his part to ensure success.

@MGoFish: What will it take for Brother Rice to win a 4th consecutive State Championship in 2014?

Coach Popp: Players making plays during crucial times in each game. We need to stay healthy and play for each other.  It\’s far more than the talent of a team that determines if they will be champions. We need to be champions every day in practice in order to give ourselves the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

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