Look Who’s Visiting Now: 2017 BBQ at the Big House

The biggest recruiting event of the summer, and possibly the year, for the Michigan football program is coming up this weekend as the coaching staff will host a very big and very talented group of visitors for the 2017 Barbecue at the Big House. That includes some of the top targets on the board in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 recruiting classes.

In the expected list of visitors, there’s a couple names to watch, in terms of a possible commitment, during the trip and a long list top guys who Michigan could make a big move with during the trip, including:

2018 LB Cam McGrone 

McGrone is the odds on favorite to be the next addition to the 2018 recruiting class. After receiving his offer from Michigan on his birthday during his visit to campus, the Wolverines have had all of the momentum. As soon as he let it be known that he’d be making a quick return trip back to Ann Arbor for the BBQ, commitment watch was put into effect.

2018 S Bryan Addison

According to multiple reports, Michigan will get one of the highest ceiling prospects in the country on campus this weekend in Addison. The long, athletic, two-way standout will make his way across the country from California, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. Wolverine247’s Steve Lorenz has reported that he’s moved his way to the top of safety board ($). Though pulling him away from the west coast powers will be tough, at this point, this looks like one Michigan has a shot at. But it could all rely on this visit. Look for the staff to roll out the red carpet for Addison.

2019 OL Nolan Rumler

Rumler continues to remain to be one of the best bets in the 2019 class to end up at Michigan. Question is when he’ll be ready to make a final decision. Though Ohio State, Notre Dame and Alabama are very much in the mix, I still be very confident in my Crystal Ball selection. Could he make that decision this weekend? It wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

2019 QB JT Daniels

Daniels is the top quarterback in the 2019 class and, according to MaxPreps, is the #1 overall quarterback and the #3 player overall in the country, regardless of class. So, it’s obviously a huge deal that the staff is getting him on campus, from California, on his own dime, this early in the cycle. And, even though everyone is projecting him to end up staying out west and choosing Stanford, Michigan remains the dark horse here.

Obviously, this visit will be big but there’s more to Daniels’ interest in Michigan than the chance to play for the Wolverines under Jim Harbaugh. According to TMI’s Brice Marich, Daniels’ father grew up in-state and is a lifelong Michigan and Detroit sports fan ($), which JT is as well. I expect Michigan to solidify itself around the top of his list with this visit.

2019 LB Anthony Solomon 

TMI’s Brice Marich mentioned it’s a possibility Solomon makes his way up to Michigan for the BBQ ($). The St. Thomas Aquinas stud linebacker has long been a lean to Michigan and will likely be committed to UM as soon as he receives the green light from everyone around him. If he’s able to make it up to Michigan this weekend for his, what seems like, 20th visit already in this cycle, it’s just another sign of his extremely high interest in UM.

2019 RB Quavaris Crouch 

According to The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown, Crouch will make his way to Michigan for the BBQ ($). While Crouch is a pipe dream early on, a visit from the #1 overall running back in the class early on is obviously big. He’s another one of those top running backs in the mold of Najee Harris as a pure physical specimen at the position. So, it’s fair to say he’s already on the staff’s wish list for 2019. This visit will be huge for Michigan’s chances moving forward as it’ll be the staff’s only chance to make a first opinion.

2019 WR Isaiah Williams

Per Scout’s Allen Trieu, Williams will make his way to Ann Arbor for the BBQ ($). And it’s one to watch as Williams has been known to like the Wolverines for quite sometime. He was a member of my first 2018 Best Guess Recruiting Class but it’s far from a lock as Williams is already one of the most wanted recruits in the country. His big play ability is among the best in the nation, regardless of class. I would be far from surprised if he’s a main focus of the coaching staff during this trip as he’s also expected to be coming with his teammate and 2019 top 100 WR Marcus Washington.

2019 DE Stephen Herron

Landing elite defensive ends has become a normal thing so far in Jim Harbaugh’s tenure at Michigan and he could continue that trend with Herron, who’ll be making a return trip back to Ann Arbor for the BBQ, per TMI’s Brice Marich. Though OSU holds the lead in Crystal Ball predictions, Michigan has had a lot of momentum for sometime. Being a national recruit, I wouldn’t be on him dropping this early. But, it also wouldn’t completely shock me.

2019 DT Jacob Lacey

According to TMI’s Brice Marich, Lacey is expected to make a return trip to Michigan this weekend ($). Lacey  is another highly ranked defensive lineman that I feel like Michigan is in very good shape with thanks to a visit this past spring and a quick connection with Greg Mattison. Though Notre Dame looks to have the momentum at the moment, this visit is potentially huge. Michigan will need to really do well for me to keep my Crystal Ball selection on the Wolverines.

Check out the rest of the current list of recruits that are expected or are possible to visit Ann Arbor on July 29th for the 2017 BBQ at the Big House:


2018 RB Christian Turner (per The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown)

2018 OL Emil Ekiyor

2018 OT Jalen Mayfield

2018 CB Myles Sims (per The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown)

2018 CB Gemon Green

2018 S German Green


2018 DT Michael Thompson (per The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown)

2018 DE Eyabi Anoma (per Wolverine247)

2018 OL Jerome Carvin (per Wolverine247’s Steve Lorenz)

2018 CB D’Shawn Jamison (per TMI’s Brice Marich)

2018 OT Rafiti Ghirmai (per Wolverine247’s Steve Lorenz)

2019 OL Harry Miller (per The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown)

2019 WR Marcus Washington (per Wolverine247’s Steve Lorenz)

2019 S Lance Dixon (per Wolverine247’s Steve Lorenz)

2019 DE George Karlaftis (per The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown)

2019 OT Logan Brown

2019 DT Mazi Smith

2019 WR Kyle Ford (per TMI’s Brice Marich)

2019 WR David Bell (per Rivals Josh Helmholdt)

2019 RB Jerrion Ealy (per TMI’s Brice Marich)

2019 LB Shane Lee (per The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown)

2019 LB Shammond Cooper (per TMI’s Brice Marich)

2020 OL Justin Rogers 

2020 RB Jordon Simmons (per The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown)

2020 CB Andre Seldon Jr (per TMI’s Brice Marich)

There will be plenty of additions and a few subtractions from this list before the event takes place on Saturday. So, make sure to check back on the list as Saturday approaches.

Photo Credit: Matt Hladik/The Spun