Look Away: 2018 Ohio State vs Michigan Highlights

Well, that was pretty much as bad as it possibly could have gone. Michigan got punked by Ohio State in the biggest game since The Game in 2016 but unlike that one, this wasn’t a controversial ending. It was a butt whoopin’¬†as the Buckeyes exposed the speed issues on the backend of the Wolverine defense. But it wasn’t just on the secondary, a big reason for that success through the air was in thanks to the complete lack of pressure Michigan was getting on Dwayne Haskins. It was a baffling¬†performance, to say the least.

The defense was gashed all day but even with putting up 39 points, there were plenty of issues with the offense as well. Questionable play calling/game plan, dropped passes, missed blocking assignments and the lack of explosive plays made it tough for Michigan to keep up with the Buckeyes.

This was a gut punch to the program as everything Michigan had been building for was sitting in front of them. It was a tough one but looked to be more of just a bad day than anything. Ohio State’s offense was ticking and Michigan just didn’t have an answer for it. Michigan’s secondary needs more speed and some minor changes could be necessary to the offensive system to open things up a bit and utilize that talent on the outside. It’s far from the wanted ending to the season but a successful trip to the Rose, Fiesta or Peach Bowl could give Michigan a good taste in its mouth heading into a big 2019 offseason.

If you’re up to relive the 62-39 beating from the Buckeyes, good luck, here is the condensed game highlights:

Photo Credit: Bryan Fuller/MGoBlog