Inside the Fish Bowl Sees the Positives and Negatives

On the field, Michigan has a chance to have truly special season. On the recruiting front, they have a chance to put together one of the best recruiting classes in their history. It’s been a fun revival for everyone around UM but as the season and recruiting cycle comes to a close, there’s still so much that will happen.

That includes both positive and negative news.

The Positive 

According to crew at 247Sports, Paramus Catholic (NJ) Rashan Gary may be making a return trip to Michigan before National Signing Day ($).

Gary’s mother, Jennifer Coney, did an interview with 247’s Keith Niebuhr and Kipp Adams and let them know that they are leaning towards making an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor “right before National Signing Day” and after his official visits to Ole Miss, Auburn and USC.

If Gary and his mom follow through with this plan, you have to feel great as a Wolverines fan. This would be their 3rd time on campus together and Rashan’s 4th time altogether, which would give the staff the last chance to impress the top player in the country before he makes his decision. And with UM already looking they’re in the lead, you have to like their chances even more now.

Another piece of positive news is coming from Florida.

Over the last two weeks or so, Michigan’s chances at landing their top linebacker target, Flanagan (FL) LB Devin Bush Jr., looked to be diminishing. According to 247Sports’ Clint Brewster, Bush’s mom is favoring Florida State ($) which had him and several others put in their Crystal Ball Predictions to the Seminoles.

However, unlike some other recruits, mom may not have the final say here.

According to The Wolverine crew, Bush Sr would rather his son NOT follow in his footsteps to FSU but wouldn’t be completely against it either ($). Add in the rumors of Senior possibly joining Jim Harbaugh’s recruiting/coaching staff in the future and you can see why they still believe UM is the favorite.

Another piece of good, possibly great news, is from The Michigan Insider’s Sam Webb. He’s heard that though Bush’s visit for the Ohio State game is “unlikely”, it’s not as bad as most would think as his sources are still feeling very good about UM’s standing ($).

Some are feeling Florida State others are feeling Michigan. Bush has also been sure to let known Auburn is in the mix. But at the end of the day, I’m still sticking with UM for the Flanagan standout though I’m far from as confident as before.

The Negative 

Like Bush Jr, Santa Margarita Catholic (CA) WR Dylan Crawford looked much more likely to end up at Michigan two weeks ago than he does today.

Crawford officially visited UM for the Michigan State game and came away extremely impressed. So much so that most believe that the Wolverines were his leader. Well, that all happened before he landed his offer from Oregon.

Well known as his dream school, with the Ducks hat now in the ring, it now looks like they could be the team to beat for his services. He told 247Sports’ Steve Bartow that he’s still very high on Michigan, Oregon and others ($), which sounds good but soon after the interview Bartow added his Crystal Ball in for the Ducks.

That’s normally not a good sign.

Crawford will officially visit Eugene this weekend, which is one to obviously watch. For Michigan fans, you should hope he doesn’t love it as much as expected. Either way, I doubt Michigan gives up on Crawford as he’s seen to be one of their top targets and possibly the #1 wide receiver on the board.

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