Inside the Fish Bowl Welcomes the Crazy Season

The start of the holiday season means the beginning of the crazy season in college football recruiting. Rumors and hot takes are running rampant thanks to coaching changes, in-home visits and the finish line in sight. And Michigan is right in the thick of it.

No Longer the Favorite?

After 2016 Detroit King (MI) CB Lavert Hill decommitted from Penn State at the end of November, all signs pointed to Hill joining his brother Delano in Ann Arbor and committing to Michigan when he decides on January 9th. Well, it looks like things aren’t as sure as they were before.

According to The Michigan Insider’s Sam Webb, Hill was a big fan of now former defensive coordinator DJ Durkin and now that he’s gone, UM has “work to do” to maintain their lead ($). Luckily, Michigan was able to land an official visit from Hill for this upcoming weekend which should give Harbaugh enough time to reassure that UM’s defense will be just fine with the new coordinator.

I still believe Michigan ends up landing Hill but, like I always try to say, recruiting is crazy and crazier things have happened.

Speaking of a possible crazy twist, some are starting to feel like Michigan may end up missing on DePaul Catholic (NJ) RB Kareem Walker even after his great visit from Harbaugh and Wheatley (per The Wolverine’s Tim Sullivan). That includes Arizona State offensive assistant Ken Dillingham.

According to 2016 St John’s College (DC) DE Terrell Hall‘s interview with Rivals’ Adam Friedman, Dillingham believes ASU will land Walker ($).

I’d take that with a grain of salt.

I’m not saying Walker is a “lock” to Michigan like my source said earlier this month. No recruit is a lock until they sign that letter of intent, and sometimes, that’s not even the case. However, I still fully believe UM leads and will end up landing his commitment but, like Hill, crazier things have happened on the recruiting trail.

Speaking of when his decision will happen, according to The Michigan Insider’s Sam Webb, Walker will make his decision on the 17th ($).

Another Decommitment

In unsurprising news, 2016 Farmington (MI) LB David Reese has officially decommitted from Michigan:

It has been well documented and known that Reese wanted to enroll early but UM didn’t have a spot for him. Several other heavy hitters did which led to the decommitment.

A lot of fans were bummed about Michigan’s decision here because of Reese’s abilities and the fact that linebacker is the most needed spot in the class. But the staff has been saving most of the EE spots for offensive recruits and elite level targets, including Flanagan (FL) LB Devin Bush Jr.

The Final Dab

The Dab. It’s a dance that has exploded on the scene faster than the Dougie, the Stanky Leg, the Nae Nae and even The Tootsie Roll. Well, it may have had it’s final showing in Alabama yesterday when Jim Harbaugh dropped one in front of Prattville (AL) RB Kingston Davis and his family:

Remember when NFL reporters said Harbaugh hated recruiting?

Quick Hitters

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