Inside the Fish Bowl isn’t Bluffing

Lying. It’s something everyone does but is almost always looked down upon. Especially when it’s done by college football coaches to recruits and their families. Even worse, when a top option’s defensive coordinator does it to the nation’s top defensive player in the class.

Lying is Bad

According to her interview with 247Sports’ Keith Niebuhr, Paramus Catholic (NJ) DL Rashan Gary‘s mother, Jen Coney, is not very happy with former Auburn defensive coordinator and new South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp lying to her about staying at AU ($):

Now I know, If you get a head coaching position, of course you might leave. But he should have been honest. He should have said, ‘Well, if I get the opportunity.’ I would respect that. I would have understood. It’s a job for them. But he didn’t. Muschamp is a liar. A pure liar. … If I had his number I’d call him.”

Though she also said that she still loves Auburn, this obviously is a blow to their chances with her son. But it’s not because of their DC leaving, it’s because of the lying.

As for one coach at a top option for Gary that won’t lie, meet Jim Harbaugh.

Coney told Niebuhr that Michigan’s head coach actually called her to explain “how it all works” with defensive coordinators after DJ Durkin accepted the Maryland job.

Just another feather in the cap of the Wolverines.

Then there’s recent decommit, Norco (CA) ATH Victor Viramontes.

Viramontes decommitted from Michigan out of the blue on Sunday night but did not give an exact reason. Well, according to The Michigan Insider’s Sam Webb sources, it was because UM was recruiting him at positions other than quarterback ($).

Well, that may not be true, according to 247Sports’ Clint Brewster.

Brewster has heard that Michigan “absolutely wants Viramontes to play quarterback” and that the Norco standout was actually given bad information from someone inside his camp ($). He also added that Michigan is trying to fix this issue and get him back on board.

Even though Cal came through with an offer, I believe Michigan should be able to get him back in the fold if they can kill the lie coming from inside his camp and let Viramontes know that he’ll have every chance in the world to play quarterback for the Wolverines.

Harbaugh Playing Cards

Jim Harbaugh recently made a trip down to Florida to catch a Ravens-Dolphins game and stop by UM’s top targets, including the Flanagan crew. That also gave him a chance to play some cards…

…As well as give top 2016 linebacker target Devin Bush Jr another strong pitch 10 days before he makes his final decision on December 16th.

This was a big move for him to make since, according to multiple reports, Bush Jr had to cancel his official visit to Ann Arbor this weekend because of his team playing the state championship game. Most may look at this and think, “uh oh”, but I believe Michigan still is the team to beat. It doesn’t look to be as much of a slam dunk as before but I’ll stick with UM.

To Package or Not to Package 

Speaking of another top 2016 target that I believe will end up at Michigan, King (MI) CB Lavert Hill has looked like a lock to UM for awhile now. Well, according to 247Sports’ Steve Wiltfong, Hill will now be joined by teammate WR Donnie Corley when he makes his decision at the Army All-American game ($). This obviously makes both decisions much more interesting.

Will they commit to the same school? Both Michigan and Michigan State may be hoping that’s true. Hill has looked to end up at UM for a long time, especially since decommitting from Penn State, while Corley has looked likely to commit to MSU for awhile.

Though both schools are trying to sway the duo, I still believe (at this time) that Michigan will land Hill and Michigan State will land Corley. But there could be a wildcard that either program could play right before their decision/NSD, and it includes offering another King standout in ATH Armani Posey.

Posey, for some reason, only holds one offer (Kent State) even though he’s seen by most as one of the top players in Michigan. He has the athleticism to play multiple positions but his possible fit at outside linebacker could be very intriguing for UM with their high need for linebackers that can play in space in the 2016 class.

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