How a Coaching Change Affects the 2015 Recruiting Class

The winds of change are blowing in Ann Arbor and even the worst weather man could see it coming. Blowout losses and a lack of improvement, mixed in with an embarrassing handling of an injured Shane Morris will do in head coach Brady Hoke, while poor attendance, greed and stubbornness will do in athletic director Dave Brandon. And now the rumors, sources and hot takes are running rampant. From either Harbaugh brother to Les Miles, I believe a homerun hire will be made and, no matter who it is, they\’re first job is to do one thing: save the 2015 recruiting class.

Brady Hoke has done an outstanding job recruiting over the past 4 years and the 2015 class is no different. Highlighted by the top two players in the state, the #1 tight end in the class and several other top ranked recruits, this class is a small but extremely talented group.

But what happens if/when a change is made? Hoke is a big reason most players have committed but the Michigan program can also recruit itself. The tradition, wins, facilities and education are the best in the country, which means they will always be a top option for most recruits. However, some guys are sold on the coach more than anything else and Hoke has clearly had that affect on multiple players. That is why it would be dumb to think nothing will change if/when a move is made.

It\’s more than likely that a couple decommitments happen but it\’s not a foregone conclusion. The most likely guys to look around are TE Chris Clark and DE Darian Roseboro but after that, everyone else seems very solid. Like offensive tackle commit Grant Newsome said, he committed to \”the University of Michigan, not the University of Brady Hoke\”.

If either Jim, John, Les or another big name steps into the job soon after the end of their regular season, there is plenty of time for them to sell themselves to current commits and targets. Adding the University\’s pedigree along side a National Championship ring (Les), Super Bowl ring (John) or an NFL and NCAA coach of the year awards (Jim), there won\’t be many recruits that will be able to turn down that offer.

So, don\’t fret, Wolverine recruiting fans. There may be plenty of dark clouds over the program at the moment, but with the right moves, the 2015 class should be saved and the future could mean even more success on the recruiting trail. Lets just hope that means more success on the field.