Harbaugh Meets with Detroit Youth Football Coaches

Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff met with Detroit youth and high school football coaches Thursday night at the Horatio Williams Foundation in Detroit. Harbaugh’s staff of over ten coaches put on a coaching clinic for the coaches on hand.

Assistant coaches such as Devin Bush Sr., Don Brown, Rick Finotti, Bam Richards, Tony Tuioti, and Jimmie Dougherty were all in attendance. Brown and Dougherty each led a 30 minute session in front of all the coaches before positional breakout sessions took place.

Harbaugh met with the media before the event took place and as always, produced some quotable material.

  • Horatio Williams on Harbaugh’s importance of hosting a clinic in Detroit: “It’s a great environment. The key is for Jim to come down and educate the coaches so they’ll know what he’s looking for when he’s recruiting kids. It’s all about the kids. We definitely want to make sure the coaches to understand Jim’s program so we are all on the same playing field.
  • On building relationships with Detroit coaches: “Our message is that we are going to take great care of our own here in Michigan. We’re building that trust that the coaches here can rely on and trust that we’re going to take care of their youngsters. So it’s relationships being built, have been built, and are continuing being built.
  • On the Detroit recruiting area being underrated nationally: “I know they’re good and they’re fighters and that’s the things that inspire me as a coach.”
  • On NCAA rule banning Satellite Camps “It effects so many of us. Being here tonight I’ve already heard so many different comments about it from coaches, Horatio and I have already talked about it. I think we’re hearing a lot of voices talking about how it effects them or the players that they coach or a family member, heard a lot of players at different universities talking about what Sound Mind Sound Body meant to them and that’s how they got an opportunity. I think you’re seeing and will see more and more evidence of that. Keep the topic in front of people.”
  • On NCAA rule banning Satellite Camps: “The thing that I reflect on from my own experience when I went to camps is you look around and see all the coaches standing there with their polo with their logo on it. You can see it and understand the opportunity. It becomes not just a dream, but something you can focus on. You can touch it. That was always so graphic as a youngster to be at a football camp and see the different colleges. That’s something to fight for. Who doesn’t benefit from it? Right now we’re talking about the youngsters and it doesn’t benefit them, this recent rule.”
  • On Paul Finebaum comparing Harbaugh to Donald Trump: “The one thing I do like about Donald Trump is he’s not afraid to fight the establishment. In that regard, I will take that as a compliment.”


Evan Paputa