Goodbye Jeron Stokes and Tony Posada

Just a quick hitter. Michigan has last WR Jeron Stokes and OT Tony Posada for reasons unknown.

If I had to guess why, for Stokes, I would definitely say that playing time and the depth chart became an issue for him. He could have really stepped up and been a big factor at WR next season, but after Gallon started getting all the love recently, he saw the sign on the door.

As for Posada, he was an incoming freshmen so there are tons of different reasons he could have left. I would guess home sickness would be the number one reason, especially being from Florida. Another possible reason could be the fact that he was originally a Rich Rod recruit.

Not sure if either are completely true, but on the bright side, the 2012 class looks to be growing to 27 or 28 recruits.