Getting to Know 2017 Commit Jordan Poole

This weekend I had the opportunity to do a recruit interview with 2017 G Jordan Poole, who is a four star guard out of Milwaukee. I watched a few of Jordan’s highlight films, and knew right away we were getting an elite talent! I asked Jordan a wide variety of questions, and he gave me some interesting answers! I want to thank Jordan for letting me interview him, and I hope you guys enjoy the interview.   

Matt Haskell: “What sold you on Michigan”

Jordan Poole: “How coach B has been getting players to the NBA every year. They’re really good at developing players and getting them better. He lets the shooters shoot as well lol. If a coach is telling me to shoot the ball I’m not secong guessing anything lol”

MH: “Skill you feel you need to improve on before next year?”

JP: “I always feel like strength and defense can consistently be improved. So those 2 for sure. I wanna make myself move at a faster pace so the change from 1 level to the next won’t be such a huge transition. That’s what a lot of freshman say, is the speed of the game is an entirely different animal.”

MH: “Favorite NBA player?”

JP: “Steph Curry, Rudy Gay, and college D’angelo Russell lol. NBA D. Russell is not good”

MH: “What team/arena (besides Crisler) are you looking forward to playing at the most?”

JP: “Most definitely Khol center (Wisconsin). And MSU”

MH: “If you could go on a date with any celebrity who would it be?”

JP: “Ummmmm Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba”

MH: “What would be the first thing you would buy with an NBA paycheck”

JP: “The first thing I’m buying is a pet, gotta get one”

MH: “Call out the first teammate you wanna dunk on in practice?”

JP:  “Xavier Simpson lol ‘X I’m gonna put you in the rim’”

MH: “Is Justin Bieber finally cool to listen to? Lol”

JP: “Lol I mean to be honest his last album lowkey fire, I can give him that, I can give him the okay!”

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