Meet the Class: Q&A with Some of Michigan’s Top 2016 Signees

Michigan’s 2016 recruiting class is, on paper, one of the best classes that Michigan has signed in the online recruiting website era. That we know. But what about the players themselves? I reached out to a couple of the top signees in the class to ask them some fun questions about their futures in Ann Arbor, including their goals, favorite albums and, of course, Jim Harbaugh.

What’s the main goal for your career at Michigan?

  • Kareem Walker: My main goal here is to find myself as a man
  • Michael Dwumfour: My main goal is to graduate with a degree and win a national championship
  • David Long: My main goal at Michigan is to be consistent
  • Ron Johnson: National Championship
  • Devin Asiasi: My main goal personally is to become the best and most complete TE in college football … As a team to become one of the best teams in college football and win a national championship.

What are you most looking forward to in college?

  • Walker: I’m looking forward seeing how things change around here in football
  • Long: I’m most looking forward to competing with the best athletes within my age group around the world week in and week out. It doesn’t seem like much, but that’s big to be a fish in that pond. A lot of kids dream of this, and I’m one of those kids.
  • Asiasi: What I’m looking forward to is the people I meet and the bonds and relationships I make through my four years there.

What are you hoping to major in?

  • Walker: Not sure what I wanna do probably (criminal justice) still debating what I wanna do with my life after football.
  • Dwumfour: I’ll be majoring in criminal justice
  • Long: I’m hoping to major in either business or engineering
  • Asiasi: I’m still trying to figure out what I want to major in. I want to get involved with Nike. So If Nike ever sees this … Sponsor me!

If already set, who will be your freshmen roommate?

  • Walker: My roommate is Devin Bush (we’re) rooming together now.
  • Dwumfour: I don’t know my roommate yet
  • Long: I will be rooming with Dylan Crawford
  • Asiasi: I think Josh Uche is going to my roommate

Favorite thing about Ann Arbor?

  • Walker: Favorite thing is how generous people are on campus from students to professors.
  • Dwumfour: Favorite thing about Ann Arbor are the people
  • Long: Favorite thing about AA would be the fans, and student body I love their energy.
  • Asiasi: Favorite things as of today is Frita’s (Batidos). A little Cuban burger joint

If you had the chance to play another sport at UM, what would it be?

  • Walker: I would play basketball I could’ve been d1 for shooting guard.
  • Long: If I could play another sport at UM it would be either hockey or basketball
  • Asiasi: If I had to play another sport it’d be basketball most definitely.

Who do you believe your game resembles the most (college or NFL)?

  • Dwumfour: I try to resemble my game after Aaron Donald and Dominique Easley
  • Long: I believe my game best resembles (Darrelle) Revis we also have similar body types
  • Asiasi: I think I resemble Rob Gronkowski

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  • Walker: If I could only listen to one album it would be Tsu Surf’s “Newark” album
  • Long: If I could listen to one album it would be The Low End Theory by Tribe Called Quest
  • Asiasi: I’d have to go with Either 2Pac All eyes on me or Ja Rule Pain Is Love … That’s really hard though.

If you could have an unlimited supply of one food in your dorm room, what would it be?

  • Long: If I could have an unlimited supply of food it would probably be potatoes or something you could mix up hahaha
  • Asiasi: L&L’s Hawaiian BBQ – chicken Katsu with rice and macaroni salad

What is your favorite sports/football movie of all time?

  • Walker: My favorite football movie is Remember the Titans
  • Long: My favorite sports movie of all time would probably be Friday Night Lights
  • Asiasi: Remember the Titans & Love & Basketball

Who is your favorite Michigan football player of all time?

  • Walker: Desmond Howard
  • Long: Charles Woodson
  • Asiasi: Tom Brady

Use one word to describe Coach Jim Harbaugh?

  • Walker: Unpredictable
  • Long: Ebullient
  • Asiasi: Competitive

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Photo Credit: Getty Images / Gregory Shamus