Not Just a Last Name: More on McCaffrey’s Elite 11

Going into the Elite 11 competition, Michigan’s top commit in the 2017 class, Valor (CO) QB Dylan McCaffrey, was expected to compete for the honor of being named overall MVP. He’s the #1 overall quarterback in the country, according to 247Sports and the “future of Michigan football”. And he didn’t disappoint.

According to a couple reports, McCaffrey showed off his poise, mechanics and showed off his mental makeup and alpha dog qualities which earned him the Leadership award from the counselors. But that’s not all he showed, according to Bleacher Report’s National Recruiting Analyst Sanjay Kirpalani, who was covering the competition.

“I think McCaffrey showed flashes of what he can be in the future. He clearly understands the game and has a passion for it.” Kirpalani said. “He told me afterward he felt like he could’ve done better, and there were times he struggled. However, it’s clear he gained the respect of his coaches and peers with his attitude and leadership.”

Thanks to his ridiculously athletic family, McCaffrey naturally has this poise and maturity in his game that most prospects lack, at least early on. And Kirpalani saw that and much more up close and personal.

“When he was on, you could see what makes him such an intriguing prospect. He’s got the size and the football IQ to be great. His intangible qualities are off the charts, which is why I think he was an easy selection for the coaches when they narrowed the list to the final 12 guys.”

McCaffrey makes it two years in a row where a Michigan commit made the Elite 11. Now he’ll get the chance to shine against the top players in the country at The Opening in early June. Though his rankings are a little inconsistent throughout the recruiting world right now, a great showing at the camp mixed with another impressive season this fall should solidify him as one of, if not, the best QB recruit in the 2017 class.