Dust It Off: Why Devin Funchess Deserves the #1 Jersey

Michigan football is what it is because of tradition and familiarity. Fans are used to seeing a great team don the Maize and Blue winged helmets and play in front of the largest crowd in the country on Saturdays. Another thing we were used to seeing was a dominant, big play receiver wearing the elusive #1 jersey. It\’s what we know and remember. As Brady Hoke would say \”this is Michigan football\”.

Since Braylon Edwards in 2004, no one has been honored with the #1. That not only shows it\’s need for an All-American level impact player, but it also shows the lack of talent that has been at the receiver position over the last 10 years. Guys like Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrington had a chance to wear it but both left school early, and since then, Jeremy Gallon was the only other guy I could have imagined earning the honor. Until now.

One man has met all requirements. He is an explosive, big play, All-Conference, go-to receiver that quarterbacks look to first and rely on even when heavily guarded.

That man is junior receiver Devin Funchess.

Funch is a converted tight end that has more than enough speed to burn (4.33 during the spring) and the size to cause big time problems with the best corners in the country.

Add in the fact that this may be the last year we see Funch as a Wolverine (projected 1st round pick) and I think Hoke needs to make the call, dust off the #1 and bestow it to Mr. Devin Funchess before kickoff on August 30th vs Appalachian State.

Garrett Fishaw