Dash, Mash & Smash: The Majestic Three Headed Wolverine

The Michigan run game in 2013 was bad. Plain and simple.

Now, there are several reasons why it struggled, including the inexperienced running backs and interior offensive linemen, the lack of depth, and the ever-so popular offensive coordinator, Al Borges. But luckily for our heart\’s sake, most of those issues have been cleaned up for 2014 in three big time moves:

  1. The firing of Al Borges
  2. The hiring of Doug Nussmeier
  3. Landing USC transfer Ty Isaac

With the subtraction of Borges and addition of Nussmeier, the offense will feature a simpler, inside zone blocking scheme which will improve the offensive line that gained much needed experience in 2013. It will also feature an advanced passing game involving two tight end sets and a heavy power run game.

That gets me to the third addition: Ty Isaac.

Isaac was said to be the #1 running back target on the staff\’s board in 2013, over both Derrick Green and De\’Veon Smith, and for good reason. He has elite size (6\’3\’\’ 225lbs), agility, and vision that allows him to grind out yards and make him big plays out of the backfield in the running and passing game. He is a perfect fit for Nussmeier\’s offense.

Adding his style to Green\’s power game and Smith\’s all-around game gives Michigan fans a look at the ever so majestic Three Headed Wolverine.

#4 De\’Veon Smith (Dash)

Style: Agility and Power

Height: 5\’11\’\’

Weight: 223 lbs

2013 Stats: 26 ATTs – 117 YDs – 0 TDs

Recruiting Rank: 4* – #11 RB – #62 Overall (via Scout)


#27 Derrick Green (Mash)

Style: All Power

Height: 5\’11\’\’

Weight: 227 lbs

2013 Stats: 83 ATTs – 227 YDs – 2 TDs

Recruiting Rank: 5* – #1 RB – #6 Overall (via Scout)


#32 Ty Isaac (Smash)

Style: All-Purpose

Height: 6\’3\’\’

Weight: 225lbs

2013 Stats: 40 ATTs – 236 YDs – 4 RECs – 57 YDs – 2 TDs

Recruiting Rank: 5* – #7 RB – #37 Overall (via Scout)


If Isaac\’s hardship waiver is cleared by the NCAA, Hoke and Nussmeier will have one of the most talented running back stables in the country to work with this fall. With the new blocking scheme and this Three Headed Wolverine in the backfield, Michigan will get back to that old school, pro-style offense that everyone remembers.

Garrett Fishaw