Darian Roseboro Decommits from Michigan

With all of the negativity and indecision surrounding the Michigan football program, it was only a matter of time before the losses started to happen. And the first snowball has been packed as four star defensive end Darian Roseboro has decomitted from the 2015 Michigan recruiting class.

After just one month being committed, Roseboro decided to open things up and become the 4th decommitment of the class after the doubt surrounding Brady Hoke\’s job hit an all-time high. After the early showing this year, I don\’t blame the talented recruit for looking around and wanting to take visits.

Roseboro was the only defensive line commit in the class that is in need of pass rushers. The other main options to replace him would be Keisean Lucier-South and Tyrone Wheatley Jr. However, with the uncertainty of Hoke, it will be tough for Michigan to land anymore commitments until a final decision is made and either Hoke sticks around or a replacement is hired. As far as landing the re-commitment of Roseboro, I would put it at a slim-to-none thanks to the fact that he is looking to enroll early at whatever school he goes to.  That means a new coach would only have a couple weeks to try and bring him back into the fold.

So, the first decommitment happened but it wasn\’t out of the blue. As long as the coaches can try and hold onto the rest of the guys and stop this snowball from rolling down the hill, I believe a new coach would be able to keep the Team 136 recruiting class together, for the most part.