Couple Notes from the Pre-Fall Camp Roster Release

Michigan finally released their 2015 fall football roster on Wednesday and there are a lot of additions to the list. From added quarterbacks to the heavy amount of walk-on additions, there a plenty of things to note.

Here are a couple additions and subtractions that I noticed on the 126 man roster:

  1. No Dennis Norfleet 
    • Norfleet has been one of the most talked about names this offseason with the questions surrounding whether or not he’d be apart of Team 136. Well, it looks like he will be moving on like reported as he is no longer listed on the roster.
  2. A lot of players on the roster 
    • According to MGoBlog’s Ace Anbender, college football teams are not allowed to have more than 105 players in fall camp. However, the Michigan roster has 126 players on it. Soooo, we’ll see what happens with attrition moving forward.
  3. Chris Fox is on the roster 
    • There were rumors of Fox transferring out/taking a medical scholarship this offseason. However, he is still listed on the roster which should/could give Drevno another big, talented body to work with.
  4. Brady Pallante is back to the defensive line 
    • Pallante was moved to full back in spring ball and most believed he could be a force with his athleticism and size. However, the staff has clearly decided to go back to the original plan and he is now listed as a ‘DL’ once again.
  5. Poggi has moved to Tight End 
    • Henry Poggi was a big time defensive lineman recruit coming into Michigan but with the crazy amount of depth and talent at both defensive end and tackle, the staff has moved him to tight end. While I don’t believe it will be the only position he plays (TE, HB and DL; yes, he could be a two-way player), he has the athleticism to be a nice fit as both a blocker and safety valve.
  6. Noah Furbush needs to gain some weight 
    • Linebackers need to have some bulk and size to compete at the college level and Furbush is clearly still having some issues gaining weight. He’s listed at 6’4” 217lbs, which will likely keep him off the field full time in the Big Ten. Someone will be spending plenty of time in the cafeteria.
  7. Shallman is listed as a ‘RB’ with the size of a ‘FB’ 
    • When Wyatt Shallman signed on with Michigan back in 2012, most believed he was a perfect fit for fullback/half back in the pro-style offense. Well, he ended up starting and staying at running back but has clearly put on the size and weight that should (IMO) see him move to full back full time. He’s listed at 6’3” 244lbs.
  8. The “other” Glasgow will start his career at running back 
    • The Glasgow family has already sent two of their sons to Ann Arbor as stand out walk-ons, so the news of the younger brother, Jordan, joining the team was pretty big news. There were questions whether he’d play running back, full back or safety in college but until he puts on some more size, he’ll start at RB. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him move to FB once he adds some more size in the cafeteria and weight room.