Coaching Staff Pushes Michigan to the Top for Rashad Weaver

Michigan has been offering several unknown/underrated recruits on their Summer Swarm satellite camp tour. And while it has some fans shaking their head, you have to remember, this is one of the best staffs in all of college football. So, they know talent and they may have found themselves a hidden gem in newly offered Cooper City (FL) ATH Rashad Weaver.

I caught up with Rashad and asked him about his new offer from Michigan, what position the staff is targeting him at, and where the Wolverines are on his list:

How big of an offer is this for your recruitment?

Thank you. And it’s the biggest everybody knows about Michigan football but then I did some research and I never knew how good academically the school was. Its amazing

How’d you like the coaches at the camp this weekend? 

They were awesome. Nothing negative to say about them. The helped me get better the whole camp. Also they were just cool people to be around

Now, are they recruiting you as a tight end?

No they recruited me as a big athlete. I showed out at DE and TE at the camp they said they love me at both and don’t know which one yet. They even said (there) may even be a chance of going both ways since Michigan is one of the few schools that really plays players both ways (and) they said I could be one

After watching your highlights, I figured they were offering you as an athlete but others were saying just TE. 

No I actually spent the whole camp at DE and did really good and they like me there then the last 15 minutes I just went to TE one on ones and caught like 5 passes and they said they love me at both

Now with the Michigan offer, did they jump to the top of your list or do you have a top list coming out soon?

I would have to say yes at first when they offered I had no leader but when he said that if I commit and they would honor the commitment even if I got hurt during the off season that put them at the top of my list. They are the only coaches that have told me that. But with that being said I’m sure more offers are to come but obviously they are at the top because they are Michigan but for right now I have no true number 1.

Nice. That has to be reassuring to hear. 

Yes it was amazing to here I’m looking to get up there as soon as possible that may speed up my commitment process I just can’t get myself to commit to a school I haven’t visited yet

That makes sense and is a good idea. You always want to check out a school first. 

Yes sir can’t wait I may even be visiting at the end of this month. Not 100% yet

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