Best Bets to Land a Michigan Offer at the Satellite Camps

While the college football world debates satellite camps, Coach Harbaugh and Michigan is moving full steam ahead. They will host 10 camps across the country to help coach, train and develop high school recruits and give them the exposure they need to land scholarship offers from programs all around the nation.

But what about the players the Michigan staff would like to offer?

There are plenty of confirmed satellite campers that will be in line for an offer from the Wolverines staff with a great showing at camp. And I’ve put together a list of the recruits that are the best bets to land an offer at a satellite camp this June:

  1. 2017 QB Jake Allen
  2. 2017 WR Isaiah Hodgins
  3. 2017 RB Eno Benjamin
  4. 2016 CB Camryn Bynum
  5. 2016 CB Devron Davis
  6. 2016 CB Sean Mahone 
  7. 2017 WR Daquon Green
  8. 2016 ATH Emmanuel Rugamba
  9. 2017 DT Bryce Brand
  10. 2017 ATH Russ Yeast
  11. 2018 QB Allan Walters
  12. 2017 ATH Antjuan Simmons
  13. 2016 NT Ibn Foster
  14. 2017 S Stuart Head
  15. 2018 QB Brandon Leach

While these are my “best bets”, I believe there a lot more campers that could land offers from the Wolverines with great camp showings. However, after speaking with these recruits and watching their tape, I believe not only are they in line for offers but I know of at least one name that will be on full blown commit watch if an offer is extended.

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