Gimme Five: My 5 Favorite Michigan Plays Against Ohio State

As an athlete, there’s nothing better than making a big play against your arch rival. And there isn’t a rivalry bigger than the one that happens on the last Saturday of every November: Michigan vs Ohio State aka The Game.

That is why I have put together five of my favorite and most memorable plays from the rivalry in my lifetime. Now, I know some won’t agree on all of them but remember, I’m only 27. Also, for those looking for a play from Biakabutuka’s incredible game in 1995, I couldn’t pick just one so his entire game is the honorable mention.

As for my list, check out my 5 favorite Michigan plays vs Ohio State:

5. Henson to Terrell on Back-to-Back Throw Backs (2000)

4. Edwards’ 64 yard Catch and Run (2003)

3. Denard Breaks Two on the Way to a TD (2012)

2. Howard’s “Hello Heisman” (1991) 

1. Woodson’s Turn (1997) 

The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is the best in sports. So, what are you favorite plays from the rivalry’s storied past? Add in the comment section below!

Garrett Fishaw