2020 Penn State vs Michigan: Takeaways & Highlights

Yet another stinker in a year that has just overall been bad. Injuries continue to pile up as do the losses. Michigan fell to a winless Penn State team that used a 3rd and 4th string running back to run for over 250 yards through a Michigan defense that racked up more missed tackles than anything else.

Penn State 27 – Michigan 17

It was an effort that has the world calling for Jim Harbaugh’s job. And it’s getting harder and harder to argue. It’s at the point where it makes sense for both parties to part ways but I also feel like it’s hard to fully judge because of everything that has gone on this year.

If Harbaugh takes a job in the NFL and Michigan hires Matt Campbell or Luke Fickell, that would be a good move. If Michigan gives Harbaugh an extension so he can properly recruit, he updates his coaching staff and sees how 2021 plays out, that would work too.

Michigan won’t fire Jim Harbaugh so it will have to be a “mutual separation”. With every loss, I feel like that’s the most likely outcome. Harbaugh may be burnt out a bit of the college game, especially after 2020. So, if that’s the move, keep an eye out because it’s already December and Early Signing Day and the offseason is fast approaching. If not, an extension should be coming.

Either way, it’s getting time to shit or get off the pot.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Garrett Fishaw