2019 Michigan vs Illinois: Quick Takeaways

Sorry for the delay on this one. I was in attendance for the game in Champaign this past weekend so I wasn’t able to re-watch the game for a couple of days here. And I’m glad I waited because my takeaways have changed a bit after watching it on TV and while not drinking multiple tallboys like we were able to at the game (thanks for that, Illinois).

See below for my takeaways on the game but first, watch the condensed full game highlights:

Michigan 42 – Illinois 25

Here are my takeaways from Michigan’s fifth win of the season:

Stock Up

  • Offensive Line
    • It took a while but the offensive line finally put up a really nice performance to lead the Wolverines offensive attack. Zero sacks registered and 295 yards on the ground. Pretty, pretty good. Now if only they can put together a performance like this against the top teams in the conference.
  • Hassan Haskins
    • He was one of my favorite under the radar recruiting gets in the last couple of classes and is starting to figure things out. They tried moving him to linebacker at one point but I always felt running back was his best position. Now, after breaking out in this game with a 125-yard performance, it looks like he may be the #2 back on the depth chart ahead of Tru Wilson and Christian Turner, who’ve both had ball security issues.
  • Beers at College Stadiums
    • Not the greatest selection of beer choices but Coors Light, Bud Light and/or Miller Lite can get the job done on a cold and windy day in Champaign.
  • Ronnie Bell Across the Middle
    • More of this, please. Michigan gashed the Illini multiple times with Bell across the middle and may need to go to that even more moving forward, especially with the offense looking for a bigger boost in the passing game. He has the speed and elusiveness to beat defenders and be a safe throw for Shea.

Stock Down

  • Ball Security
    • How this has consistently been an issue all season so far is pretty amazing. 17 fumbles (9 lost) in six games. That’s really bad. Like, players should be benched until further notice whenever they put the ball on the ground bad. Otherwise, it’ll just keep happening.
  • Beers at College Stadiums
    • Yes, it’s on both lists because while it’s awesome to be able to drink throughout the first three-quarters of the game, it’s also really dangerous when you already began drinking at the 7:30 am tailgate. I’d suggest taking it slow since you normally have the 3-4 hour game to sober up.
    • Also, how are you not gonna offer champagne in Champaign?
  • Tight End Depth
    • It was great to see Luke Schoonmaker score the first touchdown of his career but following the game, fellow sophomore tight end Mustapha Muhammad announced his plans to enter the Transfer Portal. Not good, especially with the position already lacking with McKeon’s injury and both McKeon and Eubanks being seniors.
  • One Specific Piece of Trash on Twitter
    • Not mentioning them by username but to the guy who took a religious shot at Mustapha Muhammad for deciding to transfer (and keeps trying to back it up), eat a bag of shit. This country doesn’t have one religion and if you think it does, I can find you a list of countries where you and your closed-minded cult will enjoy. You’re not wanted as a fan of the program, fan of this website, or anything else. Go play in traffic, loser.

Photo Credit: Patrick Barron/MGoBlog

Garrett Fishaw