2017 WR Isaiah Hodgins on Michigan: “I Love It”

Michigan is lacking game breakers at the receiver position and the staff knows it. They have already offered 15 wide receivers in the 2017 class and have their eye on one of the best (and underrated) targets in Berean Christian (Walnut Creek, CA) star Isaiah Hodgins.

I caught up with Hodgins to ask him about his recruitment and his interest in the Wolverines, which should have fans very excited:

What are you goals for the 2015 season? 

My goals for the 2015 season are at least 1,200 yards with 20 touchdowns. And 80 catches Last year I got 1,069 yards with 17 touchdown and 76 catches so I think I can improve

How has your recruitment been going so far?

My recruitment has been going good, coaches have been coming through the school so check in on me and meet me for the first time and it’s been cool to see that happen

Are any teams standing out at the moment?

No, no teams really are standing out just the teams that coaches came to visit me really but no 1 school in particular

I know Coach Jay Harbaugh has been recruiting you a bit, what are your feelings about him and Michigan with Coach Harbaugh?

I love it, it was crazy I actually met him and I love Michigan and think it’s a great program especially with Coach Harbaugh there now

If you’re to land an offer from Michigan at the camp/soon after, what kind of an impact would it have on your recruitment?

It would have a huge impact they would be the first school to offer and a big school to offer which would be great but I think if they offered me then other schools that are already on me would start coming in

Do you have a timeline for when you’d like to make a decision? And is distance going to be a factor in your decision?

Not yet I don’t really have a timeline, sometime during my junior or senior year obviously but not a specific time, and distance is not really a factor to me, I’ve moved around the country my whole life so I’m use to it

Hodgins is a big, physical wide out with the ability to make some ridiculous catches (check out the one handed grab at the 30 second point in his highlights below). He also put up big numbers during his sophomore year.

So, why hasn’t he been offered by anyone? That’s a great question that I cannot answer.

However, tight end’s coach Jay Harbaugh was out to see him this spring and Hodgins will be participating in the Mission Viejo (CA) satellite camp this June. Will he see an offer? I believe so. Especially if he makes a couple big time grabs in front of the coaching staff.

If/when the offer comes, Hodgins is definitely a name to keep an eye on moving forward.