Yuen is One to Watch at Michigan’s Hawaiian Satellite Camp

Michigan will make their way to Hawaii for multiple satellite camps in June and though the state doesn’t get much publicity on the recruiting front, there’s one name I think could be a player to watch.

That is 2017 Honolulu (HI) Moanalua QB Nevin “Alaka’i” Yuen.

Yeun (6’3” 175lbs) doesn’t even have personal recruiting pages on most of the big recruiting sites but could soon. His highlight tape looks quite familiar to a young Marcus Mariota’s (smooth athlete with the ability to make plays in the air and on the ground) and if he shows off that versatility to all of the coaches in attendance, he could be a name to watch moving forward for multiple fanbases.

Yuen confirmed with me that he’ll be attending the Michigan camp and mentioned how big of a deal this opportunity is for himself and the other players on the island.

“We are excited about the camp. It’s a big deal for us Hawaii kids. We don’t get much opportunities like that.” he said.

Some coaches around CFB may not be too excited about the satellite camps and Michigan’s plans to take them all around the globe. However, they (once again) forgot about why these camps matter. To give players, like Nevin, a chance to show their talents off to college coaches and possibly land a full scholarship to play college ball.

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Photo Credit: Hawaii Prep World/BRUCE ASATO