First 2017 NFL Draft Stock Watch: Michigan Prospects

With the 2016 NFL Draft and spring ball in the rearview mirror, it’s time to take a look at the first 2017 NFL draft projections for Michigan football’s top prospects. And unlike the last 8 years, Michigan should be well represented during draft coverage. That includes at least 8 guys who I believe will be drafted, barring any drastic off the field issues, as well as 4 players who would also be drafted, if they decided to leave school.

On top of that, there are plenty of other draft eligible prospects that could be late round picks or undrafted free agents, if not better, after successful 2016 seasons.

Check out my first 2017 NFL Draft stock watch for Michigan prospects, where most players have jumped in their projections since they weren’t eligible or prospects last season.

PlayerClass StockPost Citrus BowlNow
DB Jabrill PeppersRS SOup-arrowN/A 1st
DL Chris Wormley 5thup-arrow3rd-5th1st-2nd
TE Jake ButtSRarrow_two_head_21st-2nd1st-2nd
CB Jourdan Lewis SR arrow_two_head_22nd-3rd2nd-3rd
WR Jehu Chesson 5thup-arrow3rd-6th2nd-3rd
DT Bryan Mone RS SOup-arrowN/A2nd-3rd
DE Taco CharltonSR up-arrowN/A2nd-4th
DL Maurice Hurst JrRS JRup-arrowN/A3rd-5th
DT Ryan Glasgow5th up-arrowN/A3rd-5th
CB Channing StriblingSRup-arrowN/A4th-7th
WR Amara Darboh5thup-arrow5th-7th4th-7th
OL Mason Cole JR up-arrowN/A4th-7th
CB Jeremy Clark 5thup-arrowN/A6th-UDFA
DB Dymonte ThomasSRup-arrowN/A6th-UDFA
RB DeVeon SmithSRarrow_two_head_26th-UDFA6th-UDFA
OL Ben Braden 5thup-arrowN/A6th-UDFA
LB Ben Gedeon SRup-arrowN/A7th-UDFA
OL Erik Magnuson 5thup-arrowN/A7th-UDFA
S Delano Hill SRup-arrowN/A7th-UDFA
RB Ty Isaac RS JRup-arrowN/A7th-UDFA
DL Matt Godin 5thup-arrowN/A7th-UDFA
OL Kyle Kalis 5thup-arrowN/AUDFA-Unsigned

This is a very early draft stock projection with a full year to go before the 2017 draft. What do you think of the rankings? Anyone overrated? Underrated? Let me know in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Melanie Maxwell | The Ann Arbor News

Garrett Fishaw