2017 MGoFish NCAA Tournament Challenge: Win a Michigan Crewneck

That time of the year is here again as the NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets have been released which means everyone and their mother is filling out brackets up until the Thursday after deadline.

Looking to fill out one more bracket and possibly win some gear? Join the 2017 MGoFish NCAA Tournament Challenge today on ESPN by following the steps below and you’ll be up to win a Michigan crewneck sweatshirt from SMPLFD Clothing in Detroit.

  • Group Link
  • Group Name: MGoFish 2017
  • Group Password: ThoseFiveDays
  • Your Team Name: Twitter handle or first initial and last name
Michigan crewneck from SMPLFD clothing.

Michigan crewneck from SMPLFD clothing.

Brackets are due before the tip-off of the first game on Thursday, March 16th. The winner will be direct messaged on Twitter or emailed through ESPN.

So, make sure you sign up as soon as possible and let the fun begin!