2016 NFL Draft Stock Watch: Michigan Prospects After Week One

With the start of the NFL season tonight, it’s time to see where Michigan’s upperclassman stand on the 2016 NFL Draft board. I put together a preseason list of all of the Wolverines football players that are eligible for the draft and where they may be projected to go. So, who’s stock went up or down after the loss to Utah?

Player Class StockLast WeekThis Week
TE Jake Butt JR 2nd-4th1st-3rd
CB Jourdan LewisJR 3rd-6th 2nd-4th
LB Joe BoldenSR 2nd-4th 3rd-5th
DT Chris Wormley RS JR UNRNKD 3rd-5th
DL Willie Henry RS JR arrow_two_head_23rd-6th 3rd-6th
OL Graham Glasgow5th 4th-7th4th-6th
S Jarrod Wilson SR 4th-UDFA 4th-7th
WR Amara DarbohRS JR UNRNKD 5th-7th
OLB Mario OjemudiaSR arrow_two_head_25th-UDFA 5th-UDFA
LB Royce Jenkins-Stone SR arrow_two_head_26th-UDFA 6th-UDFA
LB James Ross SR 5th-UDFA 6th-UDFA
QB Jake Rudock 5th arrow_two_head_26th-UDFA 6th-UDFA
FB Joe Kerridge 5th 7th-UDFA 6th-UDFA
LB Desmond Morgan 5th arrow_two_head_27th-UDFA 7th-UDFA
WR Jehu Chesson RS JR UNRNKD 7th-UDFA
TE AJ Williams SR arrow_two_head_2UDFA UDFA
FB Sione HoumaSR 7th-UDFA UDFA

And before you ask, no, this does not mean all of these players will be drafted or be signed to an undrafted free agent contract. It’s more of a best case scenario for most as the season is young and the talent is there. Just need to continue to get better.

After a tough game in Utah, several players saw a rise in their rankings and a couple fall off a bit. Look for a nice upgrade for several players after the match up with Oregon State. To make sure you don’t miss it, subscribe to the MGoFish newsletter now.

Garrett Fishaw