2016 National Signing Day: Mailbag

DewanHey Garrett, it’s Dewan and I do have a question. I would like to know any intel you have on how many recruits we will take and any surprise commits that you think we may get?

  • The target number for the class looks to be 30 which would mean 5-6 more commitments. As for surprise commits, the name to watch closest at this time would be Renaissance (MI) OT Alaric Jackson.

Paula JanoffLike everyone else I will be tuned in on NSD. My curiosity lies with the the uncommited recruits who might be headed to Michigan. Also I’d like to know if we get any “flips” from other schools. Also, will you be at Signing of the Stars?

  • As for the uncommitted recruits that I think Michigan will land, I’ll stick with DL Rashan Gary, CB Lavert Hill, K Quinn Nordin, TE Devin Asiasi and ATH Victor Viramontes at this time. DE Connor Murphy is a toss up with USC at this point but could go Blue as well.
  • As for a possible flip, there really aren’t many players committed elsewhere that the staff is in on heading into Wednesday so it looks unlikely to happen. The only player that’s even an outside shot looks to be Penn State commit OT Will Fries.
  • As for the Signing of the Stars event, no, I will not be in attendance. Tough to make it up to Ann Arbor from Atlanta but you can follow MGoFish’s @EvanPaputa as he’ll be there hanging out with Tom Brady and Rick Flair.

Tyler: Who do you think fills out the final TE spot? It looks like Chase Allen is going elsewhere (update: committed to Iowa State). Does that mean Devin Asiasi signs with Michigan and if so, does Boss sign with him?

  • I added Asiasi to my last two Best Guess Recruiting Classes and it’s looking more and more possible that he’ll sign with Michigan on Wednesday. 247Sports’ National Recruiting Analyst added in a Crystal Ball prediction for the Wolverines and UM now leads in those predictions.
  • As for Boss, if Michigan lands Devin, I think it’s definitely possible Boss joins him. However, he looked like a much tougher pull away from his family and off of the west coast so I’ll say he stays in the Pac12 either way.

Jeff McDonaldGarrett, I have two questions:

1) We seem to have a legitimate shot to land more guys than we have spots for in the next few days. Which ones are definite takes and which are backup plans?

  • It’s possible. The staff is expected to target 30 signatures tomorrow but let’s say Connor Murphy or Boss Tagaloa want to sign with Michigan and they’ve already hit that number. I believe they’d try to do whatever they can to fit them into the class but I’m not positive they would be able to because of NCAA/B1G rules.
  • I believe almost all of the names listed on the board are takes at this point though Viramontes and Keyshawn Young could be in question if the staff feels like they’ll land commits at a position of need, like on the offensive line.

2) Outside of linebacker and Gary (if he signs), who in this class do you see making a contribution in year one?

  • I think there could be plenty of guys who make an impact during their freshmen campaign including WR Dylan Crawford, WR Nate Johnson, LB Carlo Kemp, LB Devin Bush Jr, LB Elysee Mbem-Bosse and CB David Long.

Sara Weeks: Any possible word on Conner Murphy going Blue? I hear that USC is passed Michigan, any truth to that?

  • At this point, it looks like a toss up. Harbaugh wants Murphy in this class but the closer USC could end up winning out here. This will be an interesting decision to watch on Wednesday.

Steve Lekarczyk: I was just wondering if you think there will be any last minute decommits or any surprise commits that you haven’t already mentioned as possibilities to join the class?

  • Michael Onwenu will decide at 8pm tonight on the CityBallers Podcast. I believe he sticks with Michigan but it’s definitely an interesting turn of events to see him “announcing his decision” when he’s been committed since the summer. As for surprise commits, OT Alaric Jackson is a solid bet at this point.

Jeff McDonald: With the loss of Hamilton, are there any tackles we have a realistic chance of landing to replace him or are we good with what we have and focus on tackle again next year? Do you think there is any shot of flipping Greg Little with the recent trouble at Ole Miss and his friendship with Gary?

  • No, on the Greg Little stuff. If Michigan had a shot with him I believe either he would have visited Ann Arbor or the staff would have visited him. As for replacements for Hamilton, Alaric Jackson is the best bet.

Tedd Oyler: What are the expectations a coach puts on kids who want to be early “commits”/what are the requirements for a verbal offer to remain in effect?

  • Every staff has their own set of expectations and requirements. For Harbaugh and Michigan, it looks like they’ll happily accept an early commitment but will not push for it. And once the player commits, that does not mean they’ll sign, as we saw this past class. The player has to continue to compete for that spot in the class and, like you saw with the Erik Swenson stuff, the staff didn’t believe he did that so a separation took place.
  • I’ve been asked this a lot and have searched for an exact number. However, nothing came up besides the 105 player roster limit. So, with 85 scholarship players the staff can bring in around 20 PWOs depending on the room available.

  • I believe so. Not only should Michigan have some OMG moments during announcements of their top targets but the Signing of the Stars event should be pretty awesome. Especially with the likes of Tom Brady, Desmond Howard and Ric Flair being in attendance.

  • That’s tough with so many names left on the board but I’ll go: 1. LSU 2. Alabama 3. Ohio State 4. Michigan 5. Florida State.

  • Young looks to be the odd man out heading into NSD. However, if a spot opens up and the staff is looking to bring in another dynamic player, I don’t believe he’s completely out of the question.

  • I’ll stick with my final BGRC and say Michigan only signs Asiasi and Boss ends up in the Pac12. It’s always tough to pull California recruits off of the coast and Tagaloa looks like the staff’s toughest task.
  • Not at this time for Michigan or against Michigan. Crazy things happen on NSD and this cycle has been insane so I’ll never rule anything out but I don’t believe any flips will happen.

  • My top 5 would be:
    1. Defensive Line
    2. Wide Receivers
    3. Defensive Backs
    4. Quarterbacks
    5. Linebackers
  • Nothing outside of the message boards.

  • I don’t believe so. From everything I’ve gathered, he just wasn’t a good fit for the staff and I don’t think it mattered if he was the last offensive line commit in the class.
  • I’ll go with:
    1. DL Rashan Gary
    2. TE Devin Asiasi
    3. CB Lavert Hill
    4. DT Boss Tagaloa
    5. DE Connor Murphy
    6. For fun: ATH Mecole Hardman/OT EJ Price
  • It’s definitely possible. They could hit their max number (or believe they’ll hit it) before Keyshawn Young or Victor Viramontes will commit. However, I believe they’ll be in contact with them or have been in contact with them to keep them updated on where things stand so nothing embarrassing happens.

Thanks for all of the great questions, everyone! Feel free to shoot me over a questions on Twitter (@MGoFish) or via email (MGoFishContact@gmail.com).

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