2016 Michigan vs Ohio State Game Recap: 5 Things

This one will haunt Jim Harbaugh, but the good thing is, the man is going to work harder. If you didn’t think it was possible to work harder than Harbaugh already has, think again. This guy hates losing and hates feeling like he was wronged.

Check out my five takeaways from Michigan’s 5th consecutive loss to Ohio State:

1. 20 in Two

Jim Harbaugh has 20 wins in two seasons as head coach in Ann Arbor, and he hasn’t even had his own recruits yet. Most of these guys are former head coach Brady Hoke’s players, who are good but not the same type of guys Harbaugh is bringing in. Do not panic

2. Still the best D

Sure, the Michigan D gave up 30 points but they also played some extra football. The Wolverines only allowed 124 yards passing to the best quarterback they saw during the regular season, pretty good.

3. Turnovers

Three turnovers are tough to come back from, especially when there are points at the end of them. Wilton Speight threw two costly interceptions and fumbled a snap deep in the Ohio State zone- No Nos for a championship team. He will live and he will learn from these mistakes and come back even stronger next season.

4. Jabrill’s Heisman journey has come to an end

Pepper’s is clearly one of the best players in the country but did not have the signature game that the voters were looking for. If he was able to leave the people in aww, we may have been talking about Peppers potentially winning the award since Louisville’s Lamar Jackson struggled in a loss. Pepper’s should still get a trip to New York

5. Still top four

Although the committee won’t vote it this way, Michigan is still a top four team. Sure they dropped a tough one in Iowa but you could argue they beat 6th, 7th and 9th teams in the country and lost to #2 by three in overtime. Sounds like a pretty good resume to me.

What were your biggest takeaways from the Michigan-Ohio State game? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Patrick Barron/MGoBlog

Emmitt Jenkins