2016 Michigan vs Iowa Game Recap: 5 Things

Kinnick Stadium continues to haunt the University of Michigan. After losing on a last second field goal Saturday, the Wolverines haven’t won in Iowa since 2005. 

Here are my five takeaways from Michigan’s first loss of the year:

1. Kill the Speight for Heisman talk

Yes, we know it was never a real conversation but there were stories popping up mentioning Speight’s name as a dark horse candidate. Up until Saturday, maybe they were warranted but after an 11-for-26 performance, Speight looked like just another quarterback. Hopefully he’s able to rebound and get his head right for Indiana

2. Mistakes compiled this week

Every team makes mistakes, but this was the first week Michigan allowed several of them to change the outcome of a game. Fumbles, targeting calls, running into the punter (twice!!), and even a safety was part of a miserable night for the Wolverines. Michigan looked like a team that wasn’t ready for the big stage.

3. Amber alert issued for Wolverine pass catchers

Jehu Chesson continues to struggle. After a five catch, 112 yard performance last week, he had only two catches for thirty yards at Kinnick. That’s not the problem though, as Chesson hasn’t looked like himself all season. On Saturday, he dropped passes and let a freshman take a ball from his hands for an interception. He’s just not the same player he was a year ago.

4. Offensive line looked overmatched

Iowa hasn’t been known for stopping the run this season but they looked dominate Saturday night. The Wolverine offensive line wasn’t able to get much push and even allowed a safety to go along with 35 carries for 98 yards.

5. One player hurt Michigan all night

Akrum Wadley is legit. The junior ran circles around Michigan all night. Finishing with 125 yards rushing and another 52 receiving, Michigan may have underestimated how effective he could truly be when they put together their game plan.

What were your biggest takeaways from Michigan’s first loss of the 2016 season? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Patrick Barron/MGoBlog

Emmitt Jenkins