The Numbers Game: Michigan’s 2016 Freshmen Jersey Numbers

Jersey numbers. They’re normally one of the most over analyzed aspects of every roster. But when it comes to college football, especially at Michigan, the jersey numbers are important. Not only is there a ton of history for most numbers but for those of you who are NCAA Football video game players, these numbers help start up your next dynasty season.

After doing some digging, here are the jersey numbers heading into fall camp for almost every 2016 Michigan signee:

Now, these numbers obviously won’t be had throughout the careers of each player as you can only have one of each number on the field at a time and there are multiple players on offense and defense wearing the same number. It’s not 100% known just yet but numbers will likely change after camp/during the season as the staff figures out which freshmen will see the field and which will redshirt.

Stay tuned throughout the fall camp and early on in the season as we’ll do our best to update the 2016 Depth Chart with the correct numbers for each Michigan player.

Photo Credit: Melanie Maxwell/The Ann Arbor News/MLive

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